Thames & Hudson

Thames&Hudson - Book "Design-The whole story"

A revised edition of this popular history of design, updated to reflect innovations since the book's first publication in 2016.
"Design: The Whole Story" takes a closer look at the major developments, movements and practitioners of design around the world, from the beginnings of industrial production to the present day. It is organized chronologically and places design in its technological, cultural, economic, aesthetic and theoretical context. Design: The Whole Story provides all the information needed to decode the material world.

Thames &; Hudson was founded in 1949 by Walter and Eva Neurath. Their passion and mission was to create a 'museum without walls' and to make the world of the art and research of top scientists accessible to a large reading public. To reflect its international outlook, the name for the company connected the rivers that flowed through London and New York, represented in the logo by two dolphins symbolizing friendship and intelligence, one to the east, one to the west, representing a transatlantic connection suggests.

Today, still an independent family business, Thames & Hudson is one of the world's leading publishers of illustrated books with over 2,000 titles in print. We publish high-quality books in all areas of visual creativity: the arts (fine, applied, decorative, performance), architecture, design, photography, fashion, film and music, as well as archaeology, history and popular culture.

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