Dirk Baelus - Book - "On the way to balance"


'On the way to balance' is a reworked and updated version of 'Pure Kracht' written by Sam De Kegel and Dirk Baelus.

Dirk Baelus (1979) ran a café in his native village Arendonk after his studies. He lived an unhealthy life, was often ill, smoked and drank. A boyish bar bet changed his life. Dirk started swimming, cycling and running passionately. The Iron Man was born. From his love for triathlon, a new passion for natural and pure food grew.

Today he participates in entire triathlons, trains triathletes, promotes natural nutrition at home and abroad, perfects his own sports nutrition brand and gives cooking workshops. Tom Boonen, Kim Clijsters and Saartje Vandendriessche are convinced. His mission? Let us eat and live in a balanced and pure way.

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