Bicycle Ferre


FROM THE EARLY 1930S BAKERS, BUTCHERS,... DRIVE THEIR GOODS AROUND ON THEIR LONG JOHN. THE LONG JOHN WAS A TWO-WHEEL CARGO BIKE WITH A LOADING SPACE BETWEEN THE HANDLEBAR AND THE FRONT WHEEL. Almost 100 years later, Ferre has been developed, adapted to today's needs: a handy electric cargo bike with a powerful Shimano Steps mid-engine, 8 gears (Alfine), hydraulic disc brakes and a strong aluminum box. With Ferre you can easily cycle through the city, with your children and groceries in the bin. The frame is built in such a way that the box is extra low, which makes the bike much more stable while driving. A strong stand ensures that it is very stable even when parking. As with all other Achielle bicycles, you can compose your Ferre yourself and choose one or more colours, saddle, handles, lighting, ... The Ferre is also optionally available with a tent and Maxicosi bracket, read more about the possible combinations here. -

It was in 1946 that our grandfatherAchiela bicycle shop started in Zwevezele. We, Peter & Tom, are now 70 years later and together with our father Jan and a few loyal employees, we now make bicycles with his name and face on them. For ourAchielleWe get our inspiration for cycling at the beginning of the last century. We combine these models with current technological progress. WhatAchiellewhat makes it so unique is that all steel frames are still made in our own factory. From tube to complete bicycle in one workshop.

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