La Boite Concept

La Boite Concept - LINES Leather Accessories (Set of 3)


This set of leather accessories is designed to complement the LINES acoustic cabinet and can be added together or separately as desired. It consists of 1 vinyl holder, 1 pin tray and 1 vinyl cover, to be placed on the metal structure of the LINES cabinet.

The leather of these accessories comes from the family tannery of Remy Carriat in the Basque Country, partner of La Boite Concept.

The La Boite concept combines traditional hi-fi know-how with the design of ergonomic, "all-in-one" products adapted to new sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Very high quality, innovative and technological products, but whose performance is at the service of a simplified, simple use, adapted to contemporary lifestyles and environments.

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