Maxime Tanghe

Maxime Tanghe - Shoes Claudius


The Claudius Wingtip full brogue boot is handmade and fitted on an Italian last, made by skilled craftsmen in Italy. The Claudius is made of high-quality Cigare suede leather and sewn onto the Vibram sole.

Full brogue refers to the most graceful version of brogues. The perforations are not applied in a straight line, but in a graceful W-shape on the toe of the shoe.

A sturdy boat with a classic look. Timeless elegance with a cool twist. These shoes are not just any shoes. They are your companions on all your adventures. You talk the talk, now walk the walk.

Each *Mt shoe is handmade and unique. That's why you get a passport. This way you know the master of your shoes by name. Because whether classic or sporty shoe: extraordinary class deserves special attention.

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