Fika&Co - Print 'Burnout Art'


This impressive black and white poster shows a classic Indian Motorcycles in all its glory, standing out sharply against a bright white background. The monochrome version emphasizes the timeless elegance and historical value of this iconic brand. Whether you're a vintage motorcycle enthusiast or simply enjoy sleek, timeless designs, this poster will add a touch of stylish sophistication to any room. Get this beautiful black and white Indian Motorcycles poster today and bring a touch of vintage class to your interior.

Limited edition print of up to 50 pieces.
Hand signed and numbered by the artist Javier Peña.
Size: 30x40

Take a moment and appreciate the good things in life!

We are aSlow Fashion brandfrom Madrid that in the
seclusion of 2020 was born with the idea of ​​fulfilling Javier Peña's dream
to unite his passions in one concept: art, motorcycle and fashion.

The historical moment was decisive in finding the perfect name
for our brand and our lifestyle: FIKA (this is a Swedish word
“FEE-KAH” meaning “slow down and appreciate the good things

After the first two years of filming and growing, Adriana Serna joined
brand as part of management to further grow.

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