Equestrian bags - Indiana Sling Bag


Practical crossover bag made in supple Italian cowhide leather. You can wear this sling bag across your chest or back and is an ideal companion for all your trips, trips and as hand luggage on the plane.

Equipped with the necessary zipper pockets, this sling bag offers four separate storage zones to store your belongings. The adjustable strap is made of ultra strong cotton canvas.

Over the course of your adventures, your sling bag will develop a patina full of character.

Dimensions: 42 x 16cm

Equestrian bags are beautiful leather bags of top quality. Simplicity and pure class adorn the collection.
Equestrian bags are made of high-quality and durable saddle leather that will withstand the test of time
becomes more beautiful. The soft series is made from very supple full-grain cowhide leather.

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