Rider Bags - Leather Polish Maintenance Set


Leather polish maintenance set with special leather grease for all Equestrian Bags leathers. This leather grease is presented as a set in a box with cloth and brush. The grease is suitable for naturally tanned leather (do not use on suede leather).

Properly maintaining the leather can significantly extend the life of your bag. A new bag is finished as standard with protection against dirt and drops. However, after prolonged use, the leather may appear dry or the protective layer may wear off slightly. You can then apply this leather grease with a brush and distribute it evenly over the bag. Allow to dry and, if desired, polish with a dry, soft cloth.

As early as 1927, the Dutch De Ruiter family produced natural leather bags under the brand name Ruitertas. Since then, they have built a worldwide reputation thanks to their excellent quality and professional dedication.

Since January 2006, production and logistics have been organized from Wakken, Belgium.

In addition to the traditional Equestrian bags, new products are developed that are placed in different collections depending on their design. All quality bags that are worth the more than 75 year old quality reputation of Ruitertas.

Equestrian bags - When Tradition becomes Passion

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