The Good People

The Good People - Sweater "Keller"

The Keller is a stylish knit. It is made of 100% Italian merino wool and the mixed structure makes it extra luxurious. This sweater has everything you need: a straight fit and a fitted, round neckline to stay warm. Timeless and versatile.

Fit: Regular fit
Material: 100% merino wool
Made in: Italy

The GoodPeople are lively, confident, imperfect, excitable, self-confident, honest and have an eye for details. We love to celebrate life and get on with it. We live our lives the way our heart tells us and are not afraid to make mistakes. In fact, we are as proud of our successes as we are of our imperfections. This makes us the character we are. We explore new paths and continually push our boundaries. However, The GoodPeople are not just any rebel. We know the etiquette for good behavior, but sometimes we just want to break away from society's expectations. Yes, we are the adult hedonists who have always retained our boyish outlook on life. We like to play and are always up for a laugh. The GoodPeople is a fashion label inspired by life itself and celebrating both the joys and trials of being a man. This is reflected throughout the brand's portfolio, combining refined quality with intentional imperfection. From a strong line of tailored shirts to hand-finished knits and tailored blazers, the unconventional yet functional designs, vibrant details and contrasting colors emphasize the character of the man. Conscious living is at the forefront of all the brand's activities and The Goodpeople continually strives to looking to push his boundaries. Just when you think you know what to expect, the collection delivers another surprising twist that you can't help but be left hungry for more. That's life according to The GoodPeople. The signature cloud logo, as seen on the clothing, represents this ultimate state of freedom. Our favorite quote: “Freedom is making choices.”

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